Waste on the Move

Many rich countries export their waste problems to other countries. As such, waste relentlessly circulates the globe, profiting from the economic vulnerability of nations too poor to refuse. Exporting waste amounts to a colossal externalization of waste’s contaminating risks, including negative human health impacts, environmental contamination, and significant carbon emissions contributing to our global warming crisis.

Moderator: Tasha Beeds

Tasha Beeds is nêhiyaw, Scottish-Metis, & Bajan from the Treaty 6 territories in Saskatchewan. She activates as a scholar, mama, kôhkom, poet, Water Walker, and Midewiwin from Minweyweywigaan Lodge out of Roseau River First Nations & Wiikwemkoong. She is Makwa Clan and daughter to Daabaasanaqwat (Peter Atkinson), Turtle Clan, Roseau River.


<strong>Joan Kuyek</strong><br>
Joan Kuyek

Joan Kuyek is a community-focused mining analyst, community organizer and adult educator living in Ottawa, Canada. She was the founding National Co-ordinator of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009. She is the author of Unearthing Justice: How to Protect your Community from the Mining Industry (fall 2019) and Community Organizing: A Holistic Approach (2011) and a number of other books and publications. Before moving to Ottawa, she was a community organizer and facilitator for over 30 years in Sudbury (Canada’s largest mining community) and other parts of Canada.

<strong>Melanie Valencia</strong><br>
Melanie Valencia

Melanie Valencia is an Andean from Ambato, Ecuador. She is pursuing her interdisciplinary PhD in circular economy focusing on its social determinants and the informal sector’s role in the socioecological transition. She is one of ASU-Leonardo’s 2020 imagination fellows for telling stories of circular care. (Melanie’s work  is part of the Mycorrhiza
 Exhibit for ERG.)

<meta charset="utf-8"><strong>Hannah Tollefson</strong><br>
Hannah Tollefson

Hannah Tollefson (she/her) is a doctoral student in communication studies at McGill University. Informed by environmental humanities and media and technology studies, her research examines the mutual implications of environment and infrastructure, with a focus on how extraction, energy, and logistics shape economies and ecologies.(Hannah’s work  is part of the Return to Sender Exhibit).

<strong><meta charset="utf-8"><strong>Morgan Mueller</strong></strong><br>
Morgan Mueller

Morgan Mueller is an Artist and Researcher who uses emerging technologies to explore new modes of artistic exploration and social /ecological awareness. He is one of the co-founders of Trash Club. His work explores systems of infrastructure in the context of labor, resource extraction and global trade, examining how these underlying skeletons of modern neoliberalism shape ecologies, built environments, and digital spaces. (Morgan’s exhibit  for ERG is Nuclear Landscapes.

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