People As Waste

People as Waste – Scarcities and Necessities

Global neoliberal capitalist relations commodify everything; rendering people, flora and fauna, and the planet itself disposable. This commodification and disposability particularly affects already-marginalized and vulnerable communities by reinforcing inequality and scarcities (access to food, water, shelter, safety and dignity). Often, these communities are vulnerable precisely because they are situated on lands and waters that the neoliberal capitalist extractive industries seek to exploit, as in the case of mining and the oil and gas industries.

Moderator: Andrea Palframan Director of Communication, RAVEN – Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs

Andrea Palframan(she/her; settler of Scottish and Irish ancestry living on unceded Hul’quimin’um speaking-people’s lands) is RAVEN’s Director of Communication. She is dedicated to make media that brings the strength of data together with the power of storytelling. She holds a Masters in Intercultural & International Communication. Her research focus— how Indigenous communities are responding to, resisting, and adapting to climate change—forms the underpinning of her understanding of environmental justice and human rights issues. Her  documentary “Raven People Rising” screened at VIFF and won People’s Choice award at the Vox Popular Film Festival; she is also the producer of “The Story of a Girl” with the Visual Epidemiology Project


<strong>Jarret Twoyoungmen</strong>
Jarret Twoyoungmen

Jarret is an emerging filmmaker whose passion is improving the lives of members of his community. He has training and experience in animation, sound engineering, voice acting, editing, and directing. He co-founded the Nakoda AV Club which is dedicated to helping people tell their own stories through film animation and audio visual arts. He is a director for the Club, and is instrumental in the organization’s ability to connect with youth and Elders, and to tell stories in a traditional way. Jarret enjoys making music, spending time outdoors, photography and he grew up on the Morley Reserve west of Calgary.

<strong>Laura Murray</strong>
Laura Murray

Laura Murray (Professor & Co-Director, Cultural Studies, Queen’s) researches Indigenous and waterfront spaces and histories in Kingston, Ontario, through oral and archival history, photography, maps, and community relationships. (She is part of the A Totem Pole on a Toxic Site Group)

<strong>Sanita Fejzic & Ludmylla Mar dos Reis</strong><br><br>
Sanita Fejzic & Ludmylla Mar dos Reis

Sanita Fejzić is a Bosnian-Canadian poet, novelist, playwright and scholar. Her work focuses on healing socio-ecological grief and trauma, more-than-human subjectivity, and cultivating respectful, responsible and reciprocal human to human and human to other-than-human relations. Land Matters is part of her research creation PhD project in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University.

Ludmylla Mar dos Reis has lived on two different continents and said goodbye too many times.  They believe that exploring our emotions and beliefs is a political act and view their work as an art that must reach beyond reality and bring us to our dreams. (Their exhibit for ERG is called Land Matters).

Joy Schendledecker & Ann Altstatt

As members of DSA Santa Cruz’s Ecosocialist Working Group and Mutual Aid Working Group (Love Boat), and Sanitation for the People, we have an ongoing political commitment to radical, transformative politics at the intersection of environmental and climate justice. We draw on diverse expertise within our groups, including social practice artists, sociologists, visual culture researchers, environmental scientists, engineers, conservationists, linguists, vet techs, public health workers, tech workers, designers, and geographers. We stand in solidarity with our unhoused neighbors who are constantly at the mercy of the City Council, businesses, the propertied class, and police. (Their exhibit for ERG is Untitled & Dispossessed: A Re-Commoning Map of Santa Cruz People, Property and Garbage).

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