Narratives of Art-Making

Closing Artist’s Panel:  Narratives of Art-making That Confront & Challenge Environmental Racism.

Featuring Dr. Lori Beavis Executive Director of Centre d’art daphne, the first Indigenous artist-run centre in Tiohtià:ke/ Mooniyang/Montreal and the Artist/Exhibitors

Exhibitors will debrief, discuss the role of the artist in activism and disruption.

The history of art is filled with idyllic landscape paintings which in fact re-interpret or cover over a skewed representation of a “world of social and economic relations that are anything but idyllic” (Barrell, 1983). The interrogation by artists of colonialism, capitalism, extraction and degradation of communities and landscapes will be the focus of this round table. The many arts-based responses of the artists who have contributed to the symposium will join the panel to discuss issues relevant to their kin and community and the ways in which their practice makes the arts accessible, appropriate, and valuable tools of learning for change.

* Please note that registration is required to access these events.
Artist contributions will be password protected and archived for 1 year.

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