Ecological Grief

Ecological Grief refers to the response to the loss of ecosystems, landscapes, seascapes, species, and places. While it may be emotional, the response to ecological loss may also entail spiritual, physical, cognitive, social, behavioural and cultural facets. People who retain close living, working and cultural relationships with the natural environment may particularly and acutely experience ecological grief as they live through intra- and inter-generational environmental degradation and loss.

Moderated by Dr. Nancy Stevens, Nipissing University. Dr. Steven’s Dissertation was on “Reconnecting the Heart and Spirit: Making Meaning of Traditional Healing Experiences with Anishinaabe Individuals in Resolving Trauma”.


<strong>Tasha Beeds</strong>
Tasha Beeds

Tasha Beeds is nêhiyaw, Scottish-Metis, & Bajan from the Treaty 6 territories in Saskatchewan. She activates as a scholar, mama, kôhkom, poet, Water Walker, and Midewiwin from Minweyweywigaan Lodge out of Roseau River First Nations & Wiikwemkoong. She is Makwa Clan and daughter to Daabaasanaqwat (Peter Atkinson), Turtle Clan, Roseau River.

<strong>Marietta Radomska</strong>
Marietta Radomska

Marietta Radomska, PhD, is Assistant Professor in Environmental Humanities at Linköping University (Unit Gender Studies), Sweden; director of The Eco- and Bioart Lab; co-director of The Posthumanities Hub; and co-founder of Queer Death Studies Network. She works at the intersection of posthumanities, philosophy, queer death studies, and visual culture.

<meta charset="utf-8"><strong>Ulises Moreno-Tabarez </strong><br>
Ulises Moreno-Tabarez

Ulises Moreno-Tabarez is an interdisciplinary geographer developing what he calls spectral geographies, spatial politics and poetics of presence and absence concerning ecological and cultural lifescapes. His work is concerned with spectral subjectivities, remnants of slavery and colonialism, that evince Afro-Indigenous wilful lifeways, creative resistance against plantation logics embedded in infrastructural violence. (Ulises is part of the Afro-Indigenous Symbiotic Ecologies Team).

<strong>Jennifer Abbott</strong><br>
Jennifer Abbott

Jennifer Abbott is a Genie and Sundance award-winning filmmaker dedicated to filmmaking as craft, philosophy and activism. She is best known for the films THE CORPORATION, THE MAGNITUDE OF ALL THINGS and THE NEW CORPORATION. While her primary interests lie in writing and directing, Abbott almost always edits and sound designs her own films. (The Magnitude of all Things is an exhibit for ERG)

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